I don’t know

Rumi speaks of God

And it resonates with me.

Or it resonates within me?
The questions begs-
God or resignation?
I don’t know.

I fold the corner of the page.
Another earmark on my heart.
Another corner folded-
Into two more corners.
Can I not lose my edges?
Can I not learn to roll with the round fullness of my soul?
Can god not be the beginning
The middle
And the end of this soul that I have so graciously and selfishly
Can God not be both, and?
Can god not be all and science and sum to equal the darkness?
Can god not be the darkness?
Isn’t god the darkness
Before it is the light?
Isn’t god the light before darkness?
Can I call any of them,
Isn’t god screaming right now from within my soul-
To recognize
that I am Rumi
And darkness
And light

The eternal sleep that I know
is as certain (perhaps?)
As the eternal existence that never ended.
And isn’t God both?

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