It’s only a question 

You said-

All I did was ask a question!

And I say, yes. If indeed the answer is an accusation. A justification lost in a defense that you can’t make because in all honesty-

I ask the better fucking questions around here

And at best, you don’t even begin to question the question begged-

You’re just a distracted version of a bigger distraction that can’t sit down long enough to see the mirrors you walk in front of and around-

Day after day –

while clearly never seeing that its a reflection of the reality that you deny in order to live in the fantasy that you call life-

Unexamined they have said is not worth living-

And examining, stepping into the void, bearing the cross, seeking who you are underneath all that you aren’t-

They say, it feels like death. 

So either way you die-

But why not choose which way you go?

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