So strangely I love this prison

When you have to call it home,

But it fits like a vast and expansive…

Prison cell.

When wide open prairies leave you suffocating from the smallness of the human mind-

And the dryness of human behavior. 

When you have to call it home 

Because you exist within in it until you 

“Absolutely, Free at last!”

Don’t have to live within it any longer than the next escaping breath. 

And what will I leave behind?

Some longing of sorts

For things and places and people

That like me,

Never belonged and won’t leave. 

Oh my. 

The excuses are, as we say,

Neck high. 

Bypasses the heart. 

Almost blinding to the road west-


So strangely I love this prison on the prairie-

For creating the escape of the freer me-

A return, no less. 

No more. 

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