Turn on

You are waiting for the light to come on.
You don’t understand that you are the light.
Not what powers it,
but what chooses to use that power and how.
You’re like a flashlight,
but you are not the batteries.
You’re the switch.
Turn on.
You wait in the dark, holding yourself so tightly,
that you can’t even breathe-
Not in.
Not out.
You are clutching yourself,
because we always clutch at what we need most-
We are grasping-
and then never gently holding,
but desperately clutching.
You stand in the dark, waiting for enlightenment-
for magic to appear and to light the room,
the space,
the void,
that you think of as “you”.
You are confused.
There is no greater torture than this.
You are confused by thinking of you,
In terms of a Me-
thinking that you can be both space and void,
but you are only space-
the No Thing that you cannot wrap your mind around-
there is no void.
You are not void of anything-
especially light.
Turn on.
You think that you need something outside of you-
some power that you are lacking,
some way to be more than you already are,
but that is just to deny who you have always been.
You are the light-
You are what cuts through the darkness of your thoughts,
You are what uncurls the fingers grasped around the empty space of nothing more than thoughts…
And those my love,
those are fleeting on the wings of tiny birds.
You are looking for something to fill a space that is full
and that is what creates the void.
A man wanders lost and finds that he only loses himself again into the wonder of being lost.
That is light.
To stand in the dark,
holding yourself as the light.
Turn on.

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  1. #1 by SalvaVenia on October 18, 2014 - 7:29 am

    Try those reflecting that light.

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