In the fold

You reconcile the split
By refusing to live within the fold
of what tears you apart.
And that will,
I promise you-
Tear most of them apart.
And it will leave you lonely-
But not alone.
But not unheard.
But only for nothing
That you aren’t already
A part of.
You look right at a thing-
From the inside out
In the reflection of-
And yet cannot understand
that found is not lost.
Beholden is not blind to.
Determined is not destined,
But decided
And as for those sparks
That you deny blowing into the fire that now burns you-
You still breathe the wind that fans the flames-
You rummage in the ashes-
You bear the weight of ruins-
And the rise of self?
You bury deeper.
But the soul digs.
It digs into you.
It digs out of you-
It digs deep within you-
And that is where you fold-
Where you tear-
Unless you smooth the creases and live instead.

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