Breathing in the vortex

In the fraction of a fraction
Of a second
Upon truth realized and held
As a breath
Sucked into the vortex of my life
and sling shotted
Back out again
Into a reality that surely is not
Never could be
Or ever was
My life.
Except that it was
And rather is,
But to say that I did not know of it
Would be the truth-
So far as I was privy to it-
The truth that is-
not my life.
And I-
On some sort of
Need to know basis
Which had been decided by those
Who in fact,
Did not know-
Not the needs of anyone-
Or how to meet them
But well versed in how to create them
And carry them,
Lend them,
Burden tiny hearts and minds and shoulders beneath them,
But never
Not ever,
How to discern them
And never,
Not ever,
How to meet them.


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